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Board Meetings
  Discussions on:
  • what goes on at the Board Meetings
  • their format
  • procedure & etiquette
  • (1)
    Business Operations Committee
      Discussions on:
  • meetings record keeping
  • annual scheduling of events and programs
  • (3)
    Community Development Committee
      Discussions on:
  • member enrollment
  • programs to increase access and awareness of the association
  • (0)
    Cultural Programs Committee
      Discussions on:
  • programs that promote the Philippine culture
  • (0)
    Facilities Committee
      Discussions on:
  • facility requirements for events, presentations, and meetings
  • accomodations for members and guests of events, presentations, and meetings
  • facility management before, during and after events, presentations, and meetings
  • (0)
    Finance Committee
      Discussions on:
  • accounting and reporting of finances and taxes
  • association investments
  • (0)
    Food Services Committee
      Discussions on:
  • coordinating menus for scheduled events, presentations, and meeteings
  • (0)
    Grants and Awards Committee
      Discussions on:
  • educational awareness programs
  • rewards programs
  • (0)
    Networking Committee
      Discussions on:
  • how information is disseminated to the community,
  • coordinating efforts with other committees and officers
  • (9)